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Bethany Firefighter Drill on Forcible Entry - BBVFC Headquarters

Monday, August 23, 2010

During the August drill, Bethany firefighters practiced their skills with the tools used to force entry to a structure. From the most basic hand tools, to hand powered hydraulic tools, to carbide tipped chain and rotary saws, skills were reviewed and practiced. A mock up of a door was built in house by members using a donated residential door. And the special challenge of hurricane windows were met using donated windows. These windows are designed to resist breaking making them difficult to remove by firefighters without the proper tools and training. We train on this skill to be able to enter a structure quickly in an emergency. But the Knox Box pictured here lets us get into your property if you are not there. Keys stored in the box allow firefighters to make entry without causing damage, and investigate any emergency. The key is secured in our units and only released by the 911 center. For more information click on the Knox Box icon on the left side of the home page.

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