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MVA Car Into A Building - West Virginia Ave.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

On Sept.1 the Bethany Beach Vol. Fire Co. was alerted for a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of W. Virgina Ave. and Coastal Hwy. 70 Command went responding with Chief Moore. EOC advised him that there was a report of one vehicle into a building. He asked for the Sussex County Technical Rescue Team to respond becasue of the building being unstable. Rescue 70 went on scene and reported a two vehicle accident with one vehicle into a pool pump room with fluids leaking. Units secured both vehicles and began paitent care while ambulances were enroute. A total of 3 patiens were transported to area hospitals. Units remained on scene for approxamatly 2 hours while the vehical was removed from the pump house and for clean up.


Units on scene: 70 Command, R70, 70-1, Quint 70, 79 Command, Technical Rescue 1,2 and 3 Ocean City Paramedic 4, A-90, B-90, Medic 105, Traffic Control 70, 84, 88.

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