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Residential Sprinklers Contain Fire - 39688 Sunrise Court

Sunday, June 8, 2008

On 06-08-2008 at 0432hrs, the BBVFC was alerted to a reported structure fire near the Cottage Cafe on Coastal Highway. Moments after the initial dispatch, the EOC re-alerted for a working fire and dispatched mutual aid units. Chief 70 arrived to find a small fire in a second floor bedroom being controlled by a residential sprinkler system. Mutual aid was canceled and Bethany units remained on site until the Fire Marshal arrived. One occupant received burns to the hands and arms attempting to extinguish the blaze. Units On Scene: Q704 - E703 - T707 - E702 - DV708 - TC705 - FM17 - EMS84 Mutual Aid Units : Canceled prior to response

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