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MVC with Entrapment Fenwick Island

Friday, March 24, 2017

Today around 1500 hours Bethany Beach, Roxana, SCEMS, Aviation Trooper 2  and Ocean City Paramedic 4 were alerted for an MVC with entrapment on Light house road and Grays Lane in Fenwick Island. 70-8 responded with Asst. Chief Thomas Moore Sr., while responding EOC advised him that Paramedic 4 was on scene advising of extrication needed for door removals. 70-8 arrived and Asst. Chief Moore Sr. established the command, Tower 70 under direction of Chief Martin responded and arrived to perform the extrication. Chief Martin and his crew quickly went to work on the two trapped patients. Command was advised that the aviation and SCEMS could be placed in service, these units were canceled. Rescue 90 arrived under the direction of Asst. Chief Johnson Sr. and assisted with the extrication of the two patients. 90-4  arrived and stretched an 1 3/4 hand line and stood by if needed, 70-5 arrived and provided support for the Tower crew. Patients were extricated quickly with OC medic 4 transporting 1 and C-70 transporting the other, both went to the local medical facility. 70 command placed the scene under control and units cleaned up and the scene was turned over to the Delaware State Police. All units cleared the scene.

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